We are happy to announce that we will be a location as part of a location test that will be pushing Konami’s new attempt to internationalise the Dance Dance Revolution franchise. In the current re-imagining of the game which took the world by storming the 90s in a craze which has kept fans of both casual and hardcore alike playing even to this day.

Konami’s last attempt at this ended in DDR X2 when they started to keep newer version and their newly released online service strictly to Japan later on expanding to other parts of Eastern and Central Asia.

To kick off a new generation, we have the game dubbed Dance Dance Revolution A (Or Ace in some circles) and from this game, Konami will be launching their international e-AMUSEMENT system where they link all compatible arcade machines around the world together offering ranking services, alternative ways of payment and multiple ways of customising their profile and playstyle.

As with all location tests we will be holding it here for a short period of time so get a chance to play this game while you can. We’ll be hosting streams, competitions and other various campaigns once the game comes in so stay tuned.

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