We have the most exclusive selection of arcade video games in London including;

~ Music Games ~

• Pump It Up Prime XX (LX Cab)

• Pump It Up Prime (FX Cab)

• Pump It Up Prime 1 (TX Cab)

• Fully synced Guitar Hero with premium mode on, and full songs included.

• Taiko No Tatsujin 14 (UK Exclusive)

• Sound Voltex: Heavenly Heaven (European exclusive)

• Pop’n Music Ecale (HD Cabinet)

• Future Tom Tom (UK Exclusive)

~Racing Games~

• Mario Kart Arcade GP DX  – 4x Player

• Dead Heat

• Grid

~Shooting Games~

• Rambo HD

• Time Crisis 4

• Panic Museum

• The House of the Dead 4

~Specialist Games~

• Bishi Bashi HD (Try the High Definition version of Bishi Bashi!)

• Rhythm Heaven (a musical style Bishi Bashi, SEGA made cab of Nintendo mini games!)

~ Pool Tables ~

• Three pool tables are available. No need to book, just turn up and play.

~ Air Hockey Tables ~

• Slalom Evo Curved Bed & Air FX Air Hockey Tables

~ Pandora’s Box 6 HD retro arcade cabinet ~

600+ titles including Street Fighter II & III, The King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, Fatal Fury, Dodonpachi, R-Type, Espgaluda, Windjammers, Sengoku and more.

~ 2 PS4 converted arcade cabinets. Games include ~

• Tekken 7

• Street Fighter V – Arcade Edition

• Ultra Street Fighter IV

• Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator

• BlazBlue Centralfiction

• The King of Fighters XIV

• Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

• Darius Burst Chronicle Saviours

(Ground floor, 18+ only)

~ Pinball tables ~

• Spiderman

• Metallica

• The Lord of the Rings

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