In this week’s update, we have one new game and we have done some work on cabinets that needed some love, so lets go over some of the more important changes this week.

New Games:


Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator (PS4)


The arcade cult classic Guilty Gear is now at our arcades since it’s brief appearance into our line up with Xrd Sign a year ago. This time, backed with the power of the Playstation 4, it rises again to be a choice of game on our PS4 set up joining Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Street fighter V. There is a tournament for Guilty Gear Revelator this Sunday.




Simply LV (Deluxe)


Thanks to the excellent work by Adam Kyte and the skills from Alan James, Simply LV has been updated with pad maintenance and a new PC with multiple optimizations across the board. It now loads faster and has more charts than before. We’ll continue to update Simply LV in the coming months.


Wangan Midnight Maximum tune 3DX Plus (Cab 1)

3DX+ Logo

The steering wheel and the gear stick has been refurbished in preparation of getting the board back so gameplay will feel better than ever.


Pending Issues:


Street Fighter 4 (Taito Type X2 cab)


We are aware of the JAS error with the machine and repairs are underway. Until the machine is repaired Street Fighter 4 will be under single player mode for the time being.


Quality of Life:


Make sure you don’t leave your bags or personal belongings around the site, there is always people looking to steal something within the area.


Please do not charge your phone or any other devices inside the Arcade.


Make sure you pick up rubbish that you may leave.