The first Pump it Up Prime machine in European arcades has arrived!  Check out this fantastic new upgrade, with new Kpop hits, returning in-house artists including Yahpp, and music composers from DJ Max, O2Jam, EZ2DJ and more. Our version is also connected online for instant game score uploading, and  world wide score ranking!

To get your USB working for PRIME…

1). Visit:

2). Select United Kingdom

3). Click “Registration”. Agree to the terms & conditions.

4). Complete the form, then wait for your email confirmation.

5). Click the link in the email to validate your account.

6). Log in at then click on “Recieving Prime access code”.

7). Create your game ID, click on “Download Code”. You will recieve a “Bin” file.

8). Put this “Bin ” file on your USB stick.

You can now use your USB in the machine!

*NB* If your USB isn’t recognised, please format it to FAT32.

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