The state of the Arcade:

It’s that time again where we speak about what is coming and when it’s coming, what needs fixing and what you can do for us so we can make sure you have the best experience possible at Las Vegas Arcade Soho.

New Logo LV

We would like to thank everybody for their continued attendance to the Arcade because it keeps us going and we try our best to cater to you guys to make it a better place.

Anyway, to the important stuff…

We’ve been monitoring the bars of Pump it U Prime and due to the usage of it, it still has a little give so we’ll keep up working on them while we look a long term solution to them but don’t worry we are keeping an eye out. This is driven to make sure the machine is a safe place to play as well. Plus as our most popular machine we would also are away that the condition of the machine is important in terms of coming to the Arcade.

GRID (Left Side) has been repaired and now working properly so Grid is now back to being multiplayer. Sorry for anyone who has interest in this game for it’s downtime. The repairs were critical but we’ve managed a quick turn over so it should be fine from now on

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX is still out for repair but we should have it back shortly, the steering wheel and the gear lever (Including the transmission box) has been refurbished. So once it’s working we will be back to normal conditions for Maximum Tune.

We are working on a solution for the white ball problem on the Pool tables, something that we’ve had for a while. We are aware that the white ball occasionally doesn’t return to where it should go so we’ll hopefully be working on servicing them if not have other contingency plans to make it easier to sort out in real time.

New things:

Jubeat and Groove Coaster are on their way and should be appearing soon, the update is that they’re in Europe so we’ll be having them along soon. I know many people have been looking forward to these two games so hopefully they live up to everyone’s expectations.

Also the recent update regarding our location test has gotten everyone happy and rightfully so. We’ll be providing more information on the game coming up to its planned location test.

Community and Event Workings:

As posted earlier we have four major tournaments coming up, so we’ll be working hard to make sure they are really good. All the feedback from tournaments we have been getting has been excellent so we are trying to adapt and bring it all on board. We have a few logistical and set up changes for events like the International Pump Festival and the monthly Street Fighter V events.

As for upcoming events we’ll be adding Taiko no Tastujin and Wangan Midnight Tune 3DX back onto the calendar as we get further into the summer. Taiko has been an especially big request, so we are looking at a good place to slot it back into our catalogue of tournaments.

And that’s all for now, we’ll let you know what else is up in the next State of the Arcade