This week we have been hard at work bringing many improvements and quality life changes to Las Vegas Arcade Soho. One of the major changes we’ve had this week is the newly fixed bars on Pump it Up prime. This meant that the player 2 side has been out of action for 3 days as we prepped both bars to be re-welded so they are more stable and more comfortable for players to play on.

While playing on Pump it Up Prime, please give us your feedback and we’ll change the pads accordingly. We’ll be working very close to the community to ensure that people that it is still a great place to play Pump it Up Prime.

Also the Pump it Up Prime version is 1.18.0. Thank you to Michelle for the heads up about and Francisco for helping out with the update process.

We are currently working with various individuals to bring back the Technika card reader from the death. We’ll hopefully have some news in the next two weeks about it’s situation. However for anyone wondering about the DJ Max Technika UK Cup you won’t need an ID card to enter. All of the songs are strictly offline. We’ll also be announcing the competition songs very soon.

Being planned in the long term is a recording day for the Wangan Midnight Tune 3DX+ recording day. This event will be happening, but we’ll be pinning down a date where we can make sure it is happening. However we won’t have any audio on the videos so people can insert their own music as we’ll give out the footage to people who are playing.

Last of all we have various PS4 games now fully updated at LV now including Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Street Fighter V and Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend. ¬†We’ll be adding more fighters and other genres as the days go on.

We also have new on newer games coming, stay tuned!

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