Happy New Year all. 2014 was a big step in bringing us back to our roots, thank you for that support to make it possible! This New Year we’ll show that arcades are more relevant today than they ever were; not hiding behind a screen but as a place to game socially, face to face. Gaming and friendship is what the arcade is all about. Las Vegas is unique, as it truly is one of the last active arcades for gamers (none of that redemption stuff) in the whole country. And we appreciate you’ll make friends here for life – Staying in touch long after you leave Las Vegas!  (But once you’re sucked in, no one ever really leaves ;P )

2014 brought live Twitch TV tournament streaming, Xbox, Ultra Streetfighter, Tekken Tag 2, FIFA setup with pads, DJ Max Techinka 3 upgrade (and now online), classic retro machines including Streetfighter 2, 3rd Strike, the Neo Geo cabinet, 2D shoot em ups, a full refit of all the arcade machine joysticks, 3DS tournaments, pool tournaments, official sponsorship by Sony for the PS Vita meets, Andamiro for Pump It Up and Namco for Maximum Tune, Wifi, our Webpage, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Youtube/Trip Advisor, and United Kingdom added to the international Pump It Up page specifically for LV. Good show for 12 months! Las Vegas represent!

We close today at 11pm in order to start prepping for 2015.

And what are those plans? Transforming the DDR cabinet with specially modified pads and a brand new system (you won’t recognise it), Pump It Up Prime, Playstation setups, Maximum Tune (yes, there were some issues with the last set of upgrade kits, it may be delayed but we won’t stop until we get 3DX+!) surprises (Arcana Heart, BlazBlue, Gunslinger Stratos, Darius Burst) including dance machines no one else will have in Europe, guaranteed!

Never forget that our Facebook page, Twitter & Instagram are interactive. You are always welcome to drop a comment no matter what. As customers, we want to hear what you’d like, or we can’t provide it. Thanks for the memories and being a part of the arcade generation. Please leave a rating on this page, it takes 2 seconds and we’d appreciate it! So let’s move things forward and make it the best year yet!! One love.